Welcome to ZiStudent

Welcome to ZiStudent, your one stop platform for all educational needs.

ZiStudent is an online collection of free and paid academic materials, stationery and educational support services for lower level education through to tertiary and beyond. At ZiStudent, we offer students the opportunity to access without limit, educational content of all subjects and discipline, from biology, chemistry, nursing and medicine to accounting, arts, and engineering. All just in one platform, access is made easy.


The ZiStudent Book Store allows you to shop online and buy all your textbooks in the comfort of your home. We offer a variety of new, used, rental textbooks and e-books. Don’t worry about selection, we’ve got your textbook needs covered for any subject. Get your textbooks delivered to your door and save both time and money by shopping at ZiStudent. Once you’re finished with your textbooks you can trade them in at ZiStudent and get cash.

Become a Zi-student and enjoy benefits such as huge discounts on all purchased textbooks.

We have researched and gathered thousands of academic stuff just for you, for no cost. Free for your download are:

  • Academic journals
  • Exam materials from exams and professional bodies
  • Research papers
  • Assignments
  • Study packs
  • Lecture and Tutorial Videos
  • Other academic publications


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